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The End of the Semester…

Posted in Welcome Posts on December 13, 2011 by esmay013

Now that the school semester is over, my blogging partners onimoki and cchriskoo won’t be commenting, so I hope all of you who are reading this will take over commenting.  I would love to know what you guys like about the posts or your personal opinions on the topics.  Argue about a point or point out an anime with the topic I discussed.  Any feedback would help me make my blog better.  Even if it seems unrelated, I love knowing there are people actually reading this.

Unfortunately many comments I receive end up in the SPAM folder even though I have tried removing any restrictions to the comments the site has installed.  I believe the problem is the user names which sound like advertisements (maybe they are just advertisements but I hope not).  I check my SPAM folder when I can and un-SPAM comments that I find, so all comments that look like comments eventual go up.

Also many of the comments are incomplete ending with “…” in the middle of a word usually at the beginning of the sentence.  I don’t know why this is, since many have been able to write longer comments that are complete.  Unlike the accidental SPAM, I can’t fix the problem with the incomplete comments.  If anyone can find a pattern or a reason for this, I would like to know what it is, so other comments are not cut short.

To answer some comments I have received in hopes the commenters find this: If anyone wants e-mailed notification whenever a post goes up, please subscribe on the Homepage at “Email Subscription,” which is located below the message and image on the side column; the website will be sending out the notifications to the e-mail you provide.  If anyone wants to create their own blog, the site I am using is and the blogs are free as long as you don’t upgrade.  If you need help with anything, you can ask me; I am glad to help if I can.

Though my English class is over, I hope to continue this blog, but I won’t be putting up posts as frequently.   During Winter Break I will try to keep up with one post a week, but after that I don’t know.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope I will hear from all of you soon!


Meet Murphy

Posted in Welcome Posts on October 30, 2011 by esmay013

Meet the newest addition to my family, my sister’s baby Murphy!

Meet Murphy the Yorkie

Because cuteness needs to be shared.

Dogs from Anime and Manga:

*Note: Names in parentheses are the owners in the show.

This blog so far…

Posted in Welcome Posts on October 22, 2011 by esmay013

When I began this blog I thought I would have a lot to talk about.  And I was right.  More drafts than posts are already waiting to be posted, and several more ideas come every day.

Alice in the Country of Hearts

Originally each post would delve into the inspirations of animes, either recurring themes within the overall story line or individual episodes and their historical or cultural significance/influences, but the amount of time to find facts to back-up that kind of an analysis is difficult to come by.  Since anime is Japanese, I don’t have access to so much information and have to rely on the unreliable Wikipedia.  Instead most of my posts are about anime’s impact on other countries, especially the US (the creation of ROBOTECH, US anime-influenced animation, the question of anime characters’ “ethnicity”).  Only a few posts follow my original idea, like “Skip Beat!: Bullying,” which looks at bullying in shojo (though I wanted to find actual statistics in everday life); “ROBOTECH: How Three Became One,” which analyzed the creation of the series called ROBOTECH from three separate animes; and “Robotech: Making Connections,” which analyzed the character of Dana Sterling in Robotech who was used to connect two of the seasons.  I want to bring the post topic back to themes and influences instead of what I can only call “cultural differences.”

King of Bandits: Jing

I still don’t know why I am writing or what I am trying to say most of the time.  Because I try to keep within a word limit (<1200?) for the reader’s sake, I feel limited in my arguments and I don’t have the time to write very good persuasions.  I need to work on saying more in shorter posts.  I also need to use more arguments from other sources and intertwine my arguments and the opposing point of view better.  I would like to create more persuasive posts, but I would rather write posts about facts and use less “I” in my writing and make it less personal.

Tenjou no Kajitsu

The only reason I see in blogging is that it makes you write and try to express your ideas.  I don’t believe anyone cares about my ideas, but it makes me write something new every time, and it is a way to practice writing.  I can “say” anything in written form that I could never verbally; I can rethink, reshape, and re-edit my ideas as I write, unlike vocal communication where when it is said it cannot be taken back.  While writing, I don’t have to worry about others criticizing me or of being a burden in a conversation by saying something stupid and wasting someone else’s chance to say something more important.  As long as it is just on the internet, a person is a disembodied being or just writing on a page with a personality but no identity, so it feels “safe” to speak.

Spicy Pink

For someone who is starting a blog, write about a topic that you are passionate about.  Don’t choose a topic too vague, because then it becomes overwhelming to think of a post topic every time, but also not too specific, because it limits the possible post topics.  If there are multiple topics he/she wants to talk about, there is usually a way to blend them into one or at least use a main topic that can inspire a post on another subject.  Or the easiest ways to write a blog is taking interesting things found on the internet like photos or articles or writing a journal.

Overall, writing a blog is quite interesting.  Some days I don’t want to write, but other days, I can’t seem to stop.  And I am always learning something new.

Warau Kanoko-sama


Anime Blogs

Posted in Welcome Posts with tags on September 5, 2011 by esmay013

Here is a summary of three anime blogs that I found interesting and could learn from to improve my own blog.


Image via Wikipedia

The Study of Anime blog was created by “Anime Anthropologist” Charles Dunbar, a graduate student of Anthropology and Religion.  The author lives on the East Coast and attends anime conventions where he appears to give lectures.  The site mostly refers to conventions and focuses on the people who attend and the experiences to be had.  A large number of posts seem to be journal entries of getting ready for upcoming events.   The writing style is different from most of the other anime blogs.  Besides anime culture, the author posts in-depth analysis in essay format rather than the few lines of review that most anime bloggers post.  There seems to have been major research being done for the analysis posts.  Though there are pictures, there are not as many as other sites.  This site includes a link to Otaku Social

For anime conventions near you, search AnimeCons, which is organized by dates, or Wikipedia’s List of anime conventions categorized by location.

Beneath the Tangles is a site focused on Christian view of anime.  When I read “Christian spirituality” in the blog post, I immediately ran away from this site, because I am anything but religious.  But the author of the blog brought together two topics that were important to him that many would not have even thought of.  That made it difficult to pass by.  Many animes actually have religious stories in them, many of which use Christian Stories.  Many of the anime blogs I found simply upload the episodes or review every single episode in a series.  This site appears to review the episodes, but it also has a lot of posts that aren’t just the author telling everyone what they did that day.  Though finding out about new series is always fun, I don’t see the point in commenting on every single episode.  I have no intention of writing about every episode in a series, just the most important ones.  The posts on this site have an abundance of hyperlinks leading to posts within the blog or on other blogs and news articles, and there are many interviews from artists to voice actors and spiritual people.  I found what they were trying to accomplish very interesting, though the overall topic does not interest me personally.

Because anime fans emphasize that anime is &qu...

Image via Wikipedia

Another interesting blog was Drastic My Anime Blog. At first I was surprised by this blog.  It had something called “Cardcaptor Sakura Tuesdays,” which made me wonder if it was a recent update (Cardcaptor Sakura was on TV when I was in high school or earlier).  Then I noticed the posts above and below were recent and the posting date was just a few days ago.  So why were they blogging about Cardcaptor Sakura episodes 9 and 10 now?  Before the 1st episode post, the owner of the blog stated he/she wanted to share the experience of watching a show with many others; it seems they have attempted doing so with a previous show and just finished the last episode.  They could all watch a few episodes each week and discuss it one at a time.  I found this interesting, having people re-watch shows together.  There is rarely anyone watching the same thing as you, except for the latest and greatest show.  I always had my sister to discuss shows with. but overtime we started ending up ahead of or behind the other.   This is an interesting way to keep the readers’ attention by having them actively participate through watching and commenting.  They also use a great collection of large pictures, some that even move, and trailer clips.

About this blog

Posted in Welcome Posts on August 26, 2011 by esmay013

My name is Caitlin.  I am a junior and this is my second semester at SF State attempting a Biochemistry major.  I hope to work in Forensics someday, though I am still trying to figure out what parts and how involved I really want to be.  I am 8th generation Californian on my dad’s side and 1st on my mom’s.  I am mainly Irish-Filipino, but also Scandinavian, English, Native American, Spanish, and Chinese; though no one really notices anything other than white (I really hate the “Choose One Nationality” questionnaires).  I grew up in a house where technology is important, but my parents have a strong belief that you should never put anything about yourself out on the web private or not.  I don’t have accounts on twitter, myspace, facebook, or anything else, except once I had a Neopet’s and another online game account, but those didn’t blog.   I did once join my friend’s forum for a continuous role-playing game, but apparently I was doing something terribly wrong.

When asked to write a blog for English, there are two topics I can write about: 1)anime and 2)mysteries.  A few years ago, I became addicted to CSI:NY and have continued watching most criminal shows both real and not.  Recently I became interested in British police shows based on the classics, such as Agatha Christie’s  Marple and Poirot and several of the Sherlock Holmes shows.  But I don’t feel right writing about that topic on the internet.  I may be just paranoid, but you never know who is reading this.

All my life (without any exaggeration) only one thing has been a constant hobby of mine and that is watching anime (Japanese cartoons).  When I say anime, I include manga (Japanese comics), manhwa (Korean comics), and the live dramas/movies and books that are connected to the shows, because it is easier to say only one word but refer to so many things.  Anime is the first thing that gets me talking to someone I have never spoken to, because it is the only subject I can feel comfortable about and I always learn something new.   Even if someone has never heard of anime, I am able to relate to their favorite subjects because of the different topics in anime series.

When I was in elementary school, I began watching Sailor Moon, which was about a group of girl protectors of the Earth with each representing one planet in our universe.  The girls sometimes had powers that were related to the mythological god connected to that planet, like Sailor Mars controlled fire and Sailor Jupiter was thunder.  From this show I learned all the names of the planets and the symbols for them; it also got me interested in astronomy and Roman, and therefore Greek, mythology.  Many animes are based on old stories or use other interesting topics as story lines.  My goal for my blog is to discover the stories behind these plots and to share this fascinating information with others who may also be interested.  Many animes have other lessons to share, not only scientific or historical, but also cultural and social.  Of course I may just blog about what I have found interesting or disturbing and question why they chose for the character to act in a particular way.  I look forward to finding ways to connect anime to my other interests, such as Mysteries, American superhero cartoons, fairies, fairy tales, musicals, and British TV shows.

I have played with the idea of making an anime site for years but never really got around to it.  So if I was to make a blog it would be about anime.  I really look forward to learning more about how to write and research for a blog.  From this new experience, I strive to become a better writer and blogger.  Whether you’re new to anime or an otaku, I welcome you and hope you enjoy my first ever blog.