Definitions in quotes from Webster’s New World Compact Japanese Dictionary (1997).

*Webster’s New Pocket Dictionary (2000).

Anime – usually refers to Japanese cartoons.

 Anime-influenced Animation – cartoons not from Japan that was influenced by anime.

Chibi – “tot, kid.” Refers to the animation where character’s have huge heads and tiny bodies, like little kids.

Dub v. dubbed. 1. confer a title upon; 2. insert(dialogue, etc) in film soundtrack.* Refers to the replacing of original Japanese dialogue with recorded dialogue from another country  for distribution (English for the US, Canada, etc.  French in France, etc.).

Manga– “cartoon,caricature,” refers to Japanese comics.

Manhua– Chinese comics.

Manhwa – Korean comics.

Original English-language manga (OEL manga) – comics from English-speaking countries that were influenced by manga.

Otaku – Japanese word for obsessed fan.  In America, it is used only for obsessed anime fans.  (I don’t like to be called an otaku!)

OVA – Original Video Animation.  This is a way to distinguish between two separate parts based on the same story line, but not continuations of each other, though that isn’t what it actually is.  It is actually a short, high quality series of a few episodes distributed on video without being aired on TV; it’s counterpart is the TV series.

Subtitle (Sub) – n. 1. secondary title; 2. line translating dialogue, etc. as at the bottom of a film image.* Animes that are subbed have their original Japanese soundtrack with the translated captions at the bottom.

For more vocabulary, check out Wikipedia’s “Glossary of anime and manga.”


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